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TEB Kariyer

How Do We Reward Our Employees?

Rewarding of the successful performance in TEB is one of our main principles. Our employees whose performance we follow by the Performance Management system are rewarded at the rate of their success and contribution to the institution.

With our Rewarding System, we aim to increase the efficiency and service quality of our Group by strengthening the communication between the units and individuals and by enhancing the motivation and individual development. 


The following criteria of the employees are taken into consideration while the wage structure of our institution is determined:

  • Education level,
  • Competencies of the employees,
  • Individual performance demonstrated by each employee,
  • The rate and value of each employee formed as a result of the work assessment,
  • The market price of the current positions of our employees,
  • Performance of the institution and its facilities


In our Bank, we adopt a flexible wage system where our employees can differentiate from each other on the basis of their competencies and performances.


With our Rewarding System, we differentiate the distinctive performance and strengthen the communication between the units and individuals. Additionally, we increase the efficiency and service quality of our Group by enhancing motivation and improving individual development.


All employees working in TEB Group (except the temporary employees) are awarded by “A Service Award” by taking the sum of their working periods within the Group. The awards are given to our employees by a celebration ceremony.