Talent Management

Talent Management in TEB is a process of identifying and developing the employees who work in different positions at our Bank, have proven their success by their competences and performances and are capable of taking key positions at our Group in future and provide competitive advantage for us.

Talents in TEB

The competencies and performances of our employees who can fill key positions in future, have high potential and make a difference with their performance are evaluated by the performance management system and by the “Assessment Centers” that are specially designed for them. The employees whom we assess as a “Talent” participate in technical and individual development programs/academies wherein their strong and improvable sides are determined and they are prepared for upper positions. In addition to the specific trainings designed for this group, Talents in TEB are also supported through various development tools such as rotations, on-the-job trainings and internal coaching, etc.

In addition, TEB also organizes TEB Talent Day each year to bring Talents together with BNP Paribas’s senior management, strengthen their communication with each other and increase their recognition in the institution.

Global Career Opportunities in TEB

Our Bank offers several career opportunities within BNP Paribas Group to the Global Talents who are ready to work abroad in accordance with their career objectives and able to take responsibilities in international platforms.  

Our employees who work in many business lines and countries where BNP Paribas Group operates continue to contribute the global synergy of our Group.

BNP Paribas Learning Tour

In 2012, BNP Paribas Learning Tour is started to be implemented to support the professional and individual developments of the Global Talents within BNP Paribas and to enable them to observe Banking models and examples of best practices in different countries and get an opportunity to work with the senior managers in these countries.

This 1-month global program wherein manager candidates are particularly participated is organized 4 times each year.

Management of Young Talents in TEB

Each year, as a part of strategic HR planning, a certain number of Young Talents who have successfully passed a multi-stage recruitment process are employed by TEB. These employees participate in a 2-year special training and development process called “Young Talents Development Program”.  In addition to improve technical information and skills, the Development Program aims also to raise our employees’ awareness of individual competency development, professional life and their duties.

The Project Workshop and Mentoring Program start on the 6th month after the recruitment of Young Talents. During the project process, our Bank’s experienced senior managers provide mentoring support to our Young Talents working on the headings of the projects that are on the agenda of our Bank. After the conclusion of approximately 4-months working period, our talents submit their projects to the senior management of our Bank.

The job performances of our Young Talents whom we aim to train as “the Bankers of the Future” are regularly monitored and their future development plants are closely followed.

TEB Mentoring Program

Our aim with this program is to create a professional development platform where our Bank employees can benefit from the knowledge of other employees who are more experienced than them in order to improve their individual competencies and business skills.

Within the scope of our Mentoring Program which continues since 2009 and is open to all our employees; 400 in-house mentors provided support to their mentees.