What Are Your Other Benefits?

We offer various vested benefits special to our employees in TEB Group.


Our employees can benefit from the health services of the social security institution (SSI) they belong. In addition to the services of Social Security Institution, our Bank covers the medical diagnosis, treatment, clinical and laboratory examination costs of its employees and dependent spouse and children within the scope of a “Special Group Health Insurance”. Our employees can also benefit from “The Life Insurance” of which its coverage limits are determined within certain criteria.


In the ever increasing competitive environment, we are aware of the fact that those institutions that are able to reach the information in faster manner and use the information it has received in the most efficient way will get a competitive advantage. Based on this viewpoint, we strongly believe the unquestionable importance of continuous learning and briefing in the development of competencies of our employees.

Since 2007, we held our training courses in Cumhuriyetköy Development Center under the umbrella of TEB Formation Academy. The Development Center has a comfortable, quiet and convenient physical environment designed especially for training.

In our training center located on 5 decares of land in Cumhuriyetköy, Istanbul, we increase the knowledge and skills of our employees with its modern and technological training saloons, comfortable accommodation facilities and social activity opportunities and, at the same time, we strengthen the synergy between them.

With TEB Formation Academy, Cumhuriyetköy Development Center;

  • Our corporate culture and values are further strengthen in an interactive environment,
  • Our old and new employees come together and enhance TEB synergy,
  • The efficiency of training is increased,
  • A common platform for sharing of information and exchange of experiences,
  • All training and development activities are collected under one roof.