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TEB Kariyer

How Can I Move Up the Career Ladder?

With Career Management, we lead our employees on their tasks they are currently responsible and will be responsible in future in accordance with a certain plan. As a part of Strategic HR Planning, with Career Management, we determine the career paths to be suitable within the opportunities of TEB Group for our employees on the basis of their competencies and performances.


We offer horizontal and vertical advancement opportunities to our employees in their career paths depending on their performances and competencies. We share these opportunities with our employees through the Career Maps. By this means, our employees can choose the career path that best suits to them and make the necessary plans to achieve the targets they have determined.

Our basic approach in the career development is not to determine a definite task within a certain time period, but to identify the career paths to be suitable for our employees within the opportunities of TEB Group.


In TEB Group, all of our employees can determine their time period to get promoted to a higher job title or a different position by the efforts they will endeavor to develop their competencies and performances.