How Do We Monitor Your Performance?

In our Bank, we implement “Open Performance System” which is based on targets, ensures a balanced distribution of targets (Balanced Score Card); covers one full year where the superior leads his or her inferior within the year and assesses him or her at the end of the year. We descent our corporate targets from the highest level towards the lowest grades till to the individual level in accordance with the Performance Management system.   

With Performance Management, we strengthen and improve the performance and differentiate our outperforming employees from others. In this context, we reward our employees by providing them managerial and professional development opportunities.

Through Performance Management, we integrate our Bank’s targets with the individual targets of our employees and canalize the values created by our employees individually according to common targets and objectives of our institution. 


With Performance Management, we aim to identify human resources requirements of our Head Office and Branches, develop both the individual and team performances continuously through the process and systems that improve the quality, create a more professional working environment and career development opportunities by improving the performance and competencies of our employees.

With Performance Management, our aim is to;

  • encourage sustainable high performance and work,
  • enhance the individual and team performances of all our employees,

and thereby;

  • reward our outperforming employees by differentiating them.



With our Performance Management System, our employees can;

  • Get a clear view on their targets.
  • Communicate with their managers and colleagues in a more efficient and continuous manner.
  • Receive competency, authority, support and feed-back on “Identification of priorities related to the issues under his or her responsibility and how to fulfill them”.
  • Get professional development opportunities.
  • Get rewards in every respect against their outstanding performance.
  • Understand and embrace our Bank’s vision and strategy clearly.



Our Performance Management is;

  • Objective,
  • Trustable,
  • Management supported,
  • Development focused,
  • Consensus based,
  • Dynamic,
  • Based on understanding, and
  • Transparent.