Innovation Programs

In TEB Group, we know that all innovations and inventions that changed our lives are born from a small sparkle. The best way to get a good idea is to produce a large number of ideas. We believe that the more we reveal the sparkles in the minds of our employees, the more we achieve a change in our business view and make that much a difference.

Our main objective is to create a work environment where production and implementation of Innovative – Creative ideas are “natural and easier”, establish a Corporate Culture which is capable of “Continuous and Self-Innovation” and ensure continuity of this environment.

Today, one of the most important factors enabling us to be a leading institution in innovation not only in our own sector but in all sectors is the fact that innovation is in our DNA.

Some of our innovation related activities are herein below:


We invite university students, new graduates and young professionals, TEB clients and technology entrepreneurs to share their innovative and creative ideas with the TEB Open Innovation Competition – Let’s Get Innovative since 2007. With an increasing interest each year, TEB provides a great platform to co-create the products and services with clients, students and entrepreneurs.
Competition finalists have been selected by the experts and they receive an innovation, entrepreneurship and pitching training in a 2 days Innovation Bootcamp. After the trainings, finalists pitch to the final jury which is composed of reputable executives from various sectors and companies. The champions of the competition receive their awards at the traditional TEB Innovation and Youth Summit.

You can visit to be part of this excitement!


The main aims of this program are embedding entrepreneurship to our corporate culture and supporting intrapreneur leaders acting like entrepreneurs within the bank, enabling them to produce projects that will change the future of our Bank. That is to say, the project owner becomes obliged to discuss with the finance department to obtain the financial resources of the project and with the IT departments for its technological requirements, find all the material and human resources just like a real entrepreneur, and to convince every requisite party for the project. Hence, the project owner finds, in some way, the opportunity to live each stage of a free entrepreneurial experience under the roof of TEB.

We believe that the most practical way to speed up this progress is to bring different departments in the company together and make all relevant stakeholders to discuss the idea and share their own perspectives. We organize TEB Intrapreneurship Hackathons for this purpose. In this 48-hour idea marathon session, the people who may take part in the project and the resources are identified and the first phase business plan can be designed and implemented in a prompt manner. By adopting techniques like the Business model canvas, design thing and agile the process is turned into a participative and pacey structure.

Intrapreneurship Champions, who are selected by the jurry are included in the acceleration program, to implement their projects with the support of internal / external stakeholders, trainers and mentors.


TEB Home is an acceleration program in which innovation projects within the organization can be tested with Start-up/Fintech cooperation in a fast, low-scale and minimum-cost way. The main aim is to discover start-up solutions where they can be implemented as minimum viable products (MVP’s). TEB Home also helps TEB to collaborate with Start-ups / Fintechs which brings the agile working style of entrepreneurs to TEB.



Sparkle is a platform where all innovative and creative ideas of TEB employees is gathered, assessed, projected and executed.

With Sparkle Portal, ideas and projects from TEB employees are being gathered which may provide competitive advantage, bring differentiate products and services, provide high added value to efficiency and simplify and fasten TEB customer experience.


With a specific subject in line with our bank’s priorities, every week creative ideas of the employees are being collected. These ideas / solutions are executed after the related business lines assessment and approvals.


Regular Innovation Bulletins are being published and Innovation Talks are being organized to inspire TEB employees and increase innovation awareness within TEB. In bulletins and talks, inspiration on technology, innovation, digitalization and next generation banking are covered.